Gray America Corp.

Gray America Corp. is the parent company of four subsidiaries whose mission is to fulfill specific metals requirements. The four separate entities accomplish their goals in ways that compliment each other and achieve a higher level of success than if done individually.

Gray America Corp., owned by John C. Gray, has over 150 employees in a 350,000 square foot plant located in Dayton, Ohio. From our 1902 Carnegie Library offices to the abilities and teamwork of our subsidiaries, we hope that you identify with our vision. We hope that our good people and our unique structure will earn your respect and confidence. If you are a supplier or an associate...welcome aboard. If you are a customer...thank you for your business and "May we have the next order?"
The Martha Gray Metals Reference Library

The Martha Gray Metals Reference Library is named in the honor of John C. Gray's mother and Co-Founder of the Ward Steel Service Co., an affiliated steel service center. The library has over 500 metals reference books and original quartered oak furnishings and shelving from the 1902 Carnegie Library of Leavenworth, Kansas. We catalog the latest metals reference materials and specifications. We will not only supply these references to you, but will also help you understand their meaning. Please visit us and browse through our unique library setting while transacting your important metals related business.
The Pam Gray Memorial Atrium

The Pam Gray Memorial Atrium is the lobby and central business area of our office. Named in the memory of Pam Gray, our Co-Founder and Vice President, the atrium houses our metals reference library, various industry artifacts, numerous art objects and stained glass.